Enuit’s ETRM / CTRM solution, ENTRADE®: is your commodity trade risk management solution, whatever you trade, wherever you trade. Its universal deal manager and risk engine ensures that all of your trading activities can be well managed within one system, with one architecture, on one trade management platform. ENTRADE® also provides industry and market segment-specific logistics management forms and reports, which take into account the nuances of the specific logistical requirements of each commodity.

Confidence in Physical Trading depends heavily on the ease with which you can manage the logistics that can come with scheduling the movement of product.

Enuit’s ETRM CTRM solution: ENTRADE®, makes it possible to track everything from inventory volumes, aggregation of costs, value at risk, ancillary costs, the quality of product, and then tie that data to respective counterparties, contracts and portfolios.

ENTRADE®’s scheduling features track logistical costs and charges. Deal volumes and quality may be actualized in scheduling forms, whether a commodity is transported by pipeline, barge, vessel, rail, or truck to a customer or storage facility.

ENTRADE® for ETRM CTRM values books of business, reports exposure and positions, performs end-of-day reporting functions, calculates Value at Risk, tracks credit limits and use of credit, manages letters, treasury management and lines of credit.

ENTRADE®’s advanced analytical engine allows you to decompose a trades exposure and risk by its individual pricing components. The exposure and valuation can be aggregated by position across common forward price curves to show your overall exposure and risk by forward price curve.

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ENUIT® provides Energy and Commodity Trading Risk Management (ETRM and CTRM) software for the Global Energy and Commodities market.

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