Precious and Base Metals

Entrade is your commodity trade management solution, whatever you trade, wherever you trade. Its universal deal manager and risk engine ensures that all of your trading activities can be well managed within one system, with one architecture, on one trade management platform. Entrade also provides industry- and market segment-specific logistics management forms and reports, which take into account the nuances of the specific logistical requirements of each commodity.

Precious and Base Metals

Global markets are moving away from fixed price, long-term contracts and towards short-term spot or index-based contracts. Emerging exchanges with quoted prices and indices for metals are making it happen. Prices are more volatile. Managing costs, including secondary costs, is vital for a profitable business operation.

And, that is what Entrade does best. Let Entrade help your company manage its trading operations in metals. Entrade comes out-of-box with reference data ready-to-go for Non-ferrous Metals like Aluminum, Copper, Tin, Nickel, Lead & Zinc, Steel, Scrap and Recycled Materials, and Precious Metals like Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Palladium.

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